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Determination, frustration.

2009-09-10 02:11:19 by Paperman12

I want to complete one new track. Just one new track that I can be proud of, proud to show NG. I just spend a long time trying to make a track the way I want it that I get bored and tired of it, not caring for it anymore and submitting it unfinished. Most of the time I end up deleting it because I get embarrassed. I have many small new demos that have my talent in them but I won't want to submit any until they're finished tracks.

I've also been thinking, I feel like making some video game tracks and also some modern hip hop. As soon as I get this track finished, I think I'm going to make a video game track. If I do successfully make a hip hop track, I'll release that too.

The sad thing is, these are only dreams. Its easy to say but hard to do. We'll see how determined I am.

P.S. Just re-designed my Userpage.


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